Robert is a multi Grammy winning producer who has worked with Slash, Eric Clapton, Cyndi Lauper, Sting, Joss Stone, Jeff Beck, Ashley Tisdale, Patti Labelle, Billy Gibbons/ ZZ Top and a host of other writers and artists including all of the below artists. His last three songs with Degrazio and Keith Cullen all charted on Billboard’s dance charts in the top twenties. The newest single, Sacrifice went to 10*. 



Keith is an Irish artist/ writer who has opened for Hozier and other major Irish acts. His new song, Say Something has been placed in a new film, High Strung and has hit the top twenties on the Billboard charts in the US.


A former member of LMFAO, Josh has written for Rihanna, Eminem, J Lo, Pitbull and others. He has a solo EP release out now and is writing and producing a group of new artists. His first single, Hilltop has been in heavy rotation since it’s release.




Nicole is a young writer from New York who has been a finalist in three Songwriting 

competitions and is completing her first EP for release in 2019.





Jeremy is one of the most successful gaming composers of our time.

With a list of games ranging from SKYRIM, HARRY POTTER, ELDER SCROLLS, STAR WARS, etc, Jeremy is quickly becoming one of the most in demand composers for video, Film and tv.

He is preparing his debut cd for a major label that should be released in 2019.




Christina was one of the most successful artists that came out of the tv show , THE VOICE. She was murdered in 2016 but her miusic lives on and is being remixed by SKRILLEX and many other popular DJ's.


Lilianna has been on fire this year with one of her songs, GRIND ME DOWN, which has organically grown to 4 million Spotify streams, 7 million views on You Tube, 45 Million monetized views with multiple memes and over 2.3 million individual videos of her song.


Lance has just completed his first solo ep with producer Robert Cutarella. As part of the group CIRCLE VIEW, he has previously released a series of cd's that have gained him much attention. 


Kendall has been performing around Los Angeles for the last year or so and has just completer a full cd of great songs to be released in 2019.



Hal has been writing with DeGrazio, Cutarella and other writers that are in our fold. He has two releases in the Phillipines and has had a successful product released by Killer Tracks. He is a co writer on the last release by Degrazio, Sacrifice which was a top twenty single.